Quanta Technology LLC seeks Advisor (Raleigh, NC) Duties: Contribute quality technical content to projects for the electrical utility industry in an efficient and timely manner. Analyze and protect transmission systems using specialized software for Power System Analysis and Protection such as CAPE, ASPEN and DigSilent Power Factory. Run Short-circuit analysis, sensitivity and coordination protection studies for high voltage levels. Perform calculations and apply protection philosophies to determine protection relay settings. Develop protection philosophies to improve current practices in protecting elements of power systems based on international standards and sound engineering practices. Write proposals. Provide and further develop Project Management skills related to wide-area protection studies, PMU applications and System Integrity Protection Schemes required by the electrical industry. Provide training to junior engineers in power system protections. Start developing contacts to generate projects. Leverage QUANTA synergies and resources. Present individual and overall QUANTA competencies and offerings to customers. Gain the utmost confidence and trust of the customer and work towards being perceived as an expert in the area of expertise. Be a team player, promoting overall QUANTA. Follow the QUANTA processes, strategic directions, and vision. Keep abreast of related technical developments in the field. Travel required 20% of time.


Required:  Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering plus 10 years of experience in the job offered or a related engineering positions within the electrical utility industry.


Must have 5 years of experience with Power Systems Analysis and Power Systems Protection; Electrical Power Systems design, studies and protective relay applications; Industry related practices (design, protection, control, operation and analysis of power systems); Protection practices and philosophies (transmission and distribution lines, power transformers, generators and compensators); Specialized software for Power System Analysis and Protection DigSilent Power Factory; Protection scheme design and relay coordination services; Project management, consulting and commissioning experience within the electrical utility industry.